The 6 craziest mods for Goat Simulator

The 6 craziest mods for Goat Simulator

Anything is possible with mods for Goat Simulator: a giant goat, with a jetpack, running at super sonic speeds? Why not?

Goat Simulator is already an unpredictably successful (and crazy) game, but you can make it even crazier with mods that have been developed by its eager fans. Even better, these  mods can be used together to make your goat simulate anything but a feisty grass grazer from the farm. Check out some of the more impressive Goat Simulator mods in the video below, and download every Goat Simulator mod from the Steam Workshop.

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You can also watch extended demos of each mod featured in the videos below.

Nyan Goat: The mythical rainbow trail of internet sensation Nyan Cat comes to your goat. Watch a full demo of the mod here.

Maxi Goat: Turn your goat into a giant! Watch a full demo of the mod here.

Fast Goat: Your goat will no longer be as slow as a turtle. Watch a full demo of the mod here.

Infinite Jumps: Make your goat jump high enough to feel like he’s flying. Watch a full demo of the mod here.

Jet Pack: Equip your goat with a propulsion pack and see how hard it can be to control the little guy. Watch a full demo of the mod here.

Explosive Goat: Create ultimate chaos by blowing up everything in your path. Watch a full demo of the mod here.

Life is better with mods

You can make almost any game better with mods, and goat simulator is no exception. If you’re bored of this already highly unusual game, spice things up by mixing and matching mods to turn your goat into a flying, jumping, rainbow sprouting sensation.

Download Goat Simulator for Windows and Mac.

If you prefer the original, check out our full review of Goat Simulator to see just how crazy the game can be.

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