AE Zombie Defender

AE Zombie Defender

Defend your campsite from rampaging zombies!

AE Zombie Defender is a tower defense game for Windows Phone that takes the usual castles, knights and trolls and swaps them for zombies!

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  • Looks good
  • Fun "tower denfense" game
  • Nice selection of weapons


  • Irritating ads
  • Doesn't really add anything to genre


AE Zombie Defender is a tower defense game for Windows Phone that takes the usual castles, knights and trolls and swaps them for zombies!

A new take on an old riff

AE Zombie Defender is a pretty simple game. Hoards of zombies are approaching and you must place weapons strategically so they don't get through the gate. You've got a variety of weapons, and by placing them cleverly you should be able to stop the many and varied zombies (from zombie dogs to ghosts) from breaching your campsite.

The game starts out easy, but speeds up. You can also fast forward the game to make it all happen quicker. At the start, simply placing a variety of weapons on the playing field will be enough to take care of the majority of intruders, but as the game speeds up, you're going to need to create mazes of weapons to slow them down and direct them into a pattern of your choosing.

Irritating ads

AE Zombie Defender is very easy to play. The zombies invade from one side of the screen and try to make it to your campsite on the other side. You pick weapons from the bottom of the screen and place them as you please. You'll need money to choose weapons, and you build up funds by killing more zombies. If any of the zombies make it to your campsite, you lose a drop of blood. Loose 20, and game over.

We had one major problem with AE Zombie Defender. The ads are placed so that all of your weapons aren't immediately visible. In fact, we didn't realize that there were more than 3 until well into the game. You can access them by sliding the line of weapons to your right.

Cute, "hand-drawn" graphics

This game looks really cute with a hand-drawn style that suits the gameplay. There aren't many options - you can just enable or disable sound and vibration. There are leaderboards for your highest scores, but no sharing options.

This type of game isn't very resource-intensive, so we'd be surprised to find a lag. It played smooth and we couldn't see any problems.

Perfect for tower-defense games fans

If you like tower-defense games, this one's a winner. Zombies switch up the gameplay, it looks great and there's a better-than-usual selection of weapons.

The problems is, tower defense games are a bit like Marmite - either you love them or you hate them. If you're in the latter category, we doubt AE Zombie Defender is going to do anything to change your mind.

AE Zombie Defender


AE Zombie Defender

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