Kindle Cloud Reader

Kindle Cloud Reader

Read your Kindle books in the browser


  • Works like a charm
  • Includes all the functionality from the Kindle native apps
  • Instant syncing of books and notes


  • Only works in Chrome and Safari


Kindle Cloud Reader is an HTML5-based web app developed by Amazon that lets you access your Kindle library in your web browser.

Though Kindle books are already accessible on almost all platforms (with the Kindle native application for Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android), Amazon has decided to make this access even wider and easier with the Kindle Cloud Reader. Created in HMTL5, the Kindle Cloud Reader currently works on Google Chrome and Safari only, with more browsers coming soon.

Kindle Cloud Reader has support for offline reading, which means that once your Kindle books are synced with your computer you can keep on reading even if you lose your Internet connection.

The app also includes pretty much all the functionality and configuration options you find in Kindle native apps, such as bookmarks, personal notes, the book’s cover and table of contents if available and syncing to the last page read on any other device.

Kindle Cloud Reader provides you with one more way to access your Kindle library, right from your web browser.

Kindle Cloud Reader

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Kindle Cloud Reader

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